Singapore did it,
so can Haiti!

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Transforming Haiti through effective leadership

President’s Message

At HaitiLeve, we are committed to shaping a better world for the next generation. Our aim is to break the cycle of poverty in Haiti and leave behind a legacy of new effective leaders in every town and community. The Singapore success story has set the precedent and demonstrated that this is indeed possible. Inspired and informed by this benchmark, Haiti’s new leaders will learn how to serve their communities and ultimately transform the socio-economical and political landscape of the country.

Consider the great leaders who have changed their communities and their countries. Namely, Lee Kuan Yew who has transformed Singapore from a third world country to a first world oasis; Paul Kagame, who have led a country through reconciliation after a genocide in 1994; Nelson Mandela, who has changed South Africa forever by his humility and heart of forgiveness; Enrique Penalosa, the former mayor of Colombia who has changed the way we consider a modern city for ever. He exemplifies what a real public democracy could mean. He decided to spend more resources on the majority, and as a result, rather than building big highways, he built roads for buses, bicycles and for people to walk safely. Another effective leader was the great Toussaint L’ouverture, who was called the black ‘Spartacus’. Although he was born a slave in Haiti, he led his people to freedom and economic prosperity in 1801. Toussaint L’ouverture was the first civil rights advocate that sparked that hope of freedom throughout the world. We can’t finish without mentioning Jesus Christ who has impacted the world in more positive ways than any other person who has lived in this earth. He taught that the true purpose of life is found in serving others and worshipping God. Over the centuries there have been hundred of transformational leaders who have changed their communities. All of them have this in common – they were focused and passionate about positive change. They were inspired by a vision of a better future and driven with a heart of service to accomplish it.

After much study and reflection on the stories of great leaders, I have come to the realization that the root cause of the poverty cycle in Haiti is a lack of effective leaders. After the 2010 earthquake, a number of Agencies and Foundations have given to Haiti; but, no matter the amount of resources provided by the Ngos, Haitians remain poor and the situation gets worse every day. A long term solution to poverty is needed. That’s why HaitiLeve has chosen to focus on building a new generation of otantik, transformational and effective leaders. Our leadership-focused initiatives set HaitiLeve’s efforts apart from others. All of our projects – whether they be in education, agriculture or national production, are all designed to build stronger, more effective leaders. Join us, as we thrive together to build up Haiti and leave a better world behind through effective leadership.

Effective Leadership is needed to stop the leaking!

We have a real solution to the poverty trap

The leaking bucket analogy of a poverty trap.
Developing countries remains in a state of poverty despite the large influx of resources. This state of persistent poverty is called the poverty trap and is best illustrated as a leaking bucket. In order to break this cycle of poverty, we need to seal the hole of the bucket through effective leadership, knowledge in public affairs and good governance. Please view the video for a complete illustration.

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Haitileve is a non-profit organization, tax-exempt, 501(c)3, focused on equipping young Haitians with access to education in the area of leadership, public management and public administration. We will also educate the Haitian population in the area of civic education. Our approach is more effective than other non-profit organizations in that we have an exit strategy. Our approach equips young Haitians to better lead and manage their country, hence, eliminating the need for foreign aid and re-positioning the country to a path for economic success. Using Singapore’s economic success story as a road map, Haitileve will help Haiti transition from a third-world to a first-world country.
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