Civic Education Program


The concept of a good citizen today has evolved, and includes people who protects the environment, who foster a harmonious relationship among ourselves, who work every day to better their communities and the world, to protect the less fortunate and the most vulnerable.
In Haiti, during the last presidential election held in November 20th 2016, only 16% of registered voters actually went to the polls, deforestation, waste in the street which increase methane production, which is much more potent than carbon dioxide as a green house gas emission are among the few issues facing the Haitian society.


HaitiLeve believe that civic education and civic engagement can make a big difference in the long term,
by increasing the awareness and participation of the Haitian citizens to improve their communities, protecting the environment and together building a better future for the next generation.


At first a civic education curriculum will be created by a task force in Haiti with people from different background of the society from educators, to religious leaders, to women rights advocate. This document will be created in Creole and will be served as a blueprint for the implementation of different civic education activities across different age group of the country.


This project will be lead by HaitiLeve emerging leaders, and we will partner with the National education department in Haiti, teachers, sociologist, lawyers and any willing participants.