Community Tech Centers


Today it is hard to imagine a world without technology. Almost everything we do involves technology to some aspect, from information, to communications, education, travel, innovations. How can a society get ahead without technology these days? Imagine in Haiti only 10% of the population have access to the internet. Electricity is very scarce and most people have a hard time just charging their cell phones.


HaitiLeve believes it can make a big impact in Haiti by creating sustainable community technological centers in every community (communes in the country). These centers will be equipped with electricity, internet access, laptops, tablets, cameras, printers, and projectors. They will change the whole landscape for so many people.


What set HaitiLeve apart from other organizations is our approach in focusing on building leaders, then sending those leaders to solve problems in their communities. These leaders will be running those community technological centers and will build partnerships with different local institutions such as churches, schools and universities. The office place will be provided by the communities.
A plan for sustainability will be provided for each community technological center.


  • Children from 5 years old can start learning how to use technology ( IPADS).
  • The youth can use computers and ipads for research and for doing their homework.
  • Distance learning courses will be finally available which will allow professionals from around the world to share their knowledge with young Haitians.
  • Young Haitian professionals will be able to access so many free educational resources available on the internet.